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    Thumbs up "... he who makes last, laughs last..."

    "Best I can give you is that this one is gonna be a close one which has me out on the proverbial limb with must trusty hacksaw firmly in hand a few feet above the likewise proverbial thin-ice. This one comes down to the last shot and he who makes last, laughs last as somebody wins 61-6o. I just gotta figure out who that would be, first."


    Do we make life hard on ourselves or what?
    Had Klempson down on the mat and let them back into the fight.

    Nice to see Do-Do get well.
    Though we just can not play two full halves in a row.
    What and odd thing to witness game after game and week after week.
    Offense just does not come easy for this team --does it?

    Though a win is a win; and VT needed that win like a dead-man needs a coffin.
    I'll be taking that win and I won't be giving it back.

    Now on to building some Atlantic Coast momentum with two more winnable games in a row.


    'не говорите хороший бой

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    Hey BStreet, what is the protocol these days for announcing the OPT winners? I have not seen any "congrats" posts from you, but I didn't want to email Will about winning (Dook game) until I at least checked with you. Thanks!

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