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    Please dispute: The setting of the football game is just as important as the opponen


    Not trying to sound new age (since I'm pretty much the opposite), I'd like the people that go to a lot of road games to chime in.

    UGA, SCAR, UF, LSU, etc. all have great tailgating experiences and are also really good drinking towns with lots of bars and restaurants. Going to UGA, LSU and SCAR games are just night and day better than ACC. Clemson is pretty good and I've never been to Tallahassee for a game. Chapel Hill is a great town, but when you're at the game you still get the feeling that most of the people really don't give a crap about football. NCSU fans seem much more serious about football than the Heels. Maybe it's just that I spend a lot of time in Florida and Georgia and I go to a few Dawg games. We have a lot of alums in Atlanta and the VT-UGA Peach Bowl was an amazing scene.

    WFU and Duke aren't football schools. GT is close to being a competitive SEC school, but going to those games is a graveyard, nerd-fest. Even most of our fans don't show up because it's a Thursday night game, traffic completely sucks and it's a school night for locals.

    The difference between a UGA or Clemson game compared to GT is staggering and we've got too many GT-like situations in the ACC.

    I put low odds on us jumping to the SEC at this time, but the sports-only advantage of SEC over ACC is just going to get bigger and bigger.

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    Maybe. I just prefer away games. Less Griping from our traveling fans when a play does not work and fun to see new places, or new things in not so new places. It is just more enjoyable.

    That was not always so, but since the last 10 years, the fan base is becoming increasingly negative, mostly on the basis of their own fantasies.

    I am happy that many opponents actually are competitive, and the occasional loss just makes the winning all the better.

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