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    Quote Originally Posted by Wandering_Hokie View Post
    NCAA tourney 40-50% of the time is Maryland territory, and they have 60 years of ACC tradition and a recent national title to sell. That's a stretch goal IMO, but there's nothing wrong with those.

    I think VT fans overestimate what % of the time other ACC programs make the NCAA's.
    Yes, it's a stretch goal, but if I assume that we're consistently in the top half of the ACC, AND IF I ASSUME that the ACC becomes something like it used to be, then in many years close to 1/2 of the league makes the tourney, so if we're top half, well, we should be in 40 to 50%.

    Put another way, I thought one trip every 3 years wasn't enough AS A GOAL, so I went with something higher than 33%

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanNUandVT View Post
    We'll have to see how long Doc Sadler lasts. Without having finished over .500 or in the top half of the conference in his first five years (soon to be six), I think there's quite a bit of disappointment with the program right now. He also was hired by an athletic director that was subsequently fired (although not for basketball reasons). I don't have any special insight into how long Sadler's leash is.
    I've always thought that to win at Nebraska you have to go out and get a guy who is a knock out recruiter and hope he can find a way to coach the talent. I think with Doc, Nebraska went the route like Northwestern and hired the best X's and O's guy they could get and hope he could find a way to get enough talent to coach it to a win. Don't think in the long run it'll work but I still have a ton of respect for Sadler as a bball tactician.

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    What percentage of success for coaches is x's and o's and how much is Jims and Joes? Clearly UNC was worse with Doherty coaching the same kids, but I can't help but wonder if the Steve Fishers just roll the ball out there.

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