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    Doing it the right way

    Quote Originally Posted by YBYSAIAHokie View Post
    Jim Weaver forwarded this to Coach Beamer, and we're forwarding it to you:

    Dear Mr. Weaver,

    I am hopeful that you might send this note along to Coach Beamer. I'm sure the coach is regularly inundated with messages, but I hope he might read this one. I'll do my best to keep it brief.

    My wife and I are both alumni of the University of Michigan, in fact we hold both our undergraduate and masters degrees from Michigan. We've been Michigan football season ticket holders since 1988 and Michigan football fans for more than 30 years. We were enamored of and humbled by how your football coach and the players who sat in the post-game press conference conducted themselves and represented your university after the Sugar Bowl game.

    For those of us involved in sports (I'm a high school baseball coach), we know that occasionally the better team does not emerge victorious. This was certainly true of the Sugar Bowl game where the team I root for benefited from a host of lucky bounces and questionable rules interpretations. I can only imagine the disappointment, frustration and befuddlement faced by Coach Beamer, his players, and the Virginia Tech community in the moments immediately following that game. And although I am sure that Coach Beamer has the acumen and savvy to hold his emotions in check, who would have blamed him or his players for lashing out a bit after the game. The fact that your head football coach and his players were more than magnanimous in their postgame remarks sent a resounding message to me and my wife about the quality of your coach's character and the quality of the players he has both recruited and helped to mold.

    Although I have no ties to your university, I have always found myself a fan of your football team. I now have a more palpable reason to be a fan of Virginia Tech, and I believe many Michigan alumni and fans feel the same way. Coach Beamer and his team are shining examples of true sportsmanship. I'm not sure if notes of this sort ever trickle their way through the system to the coach or the players, but I hope Coach Beamer and his team know how honorably they represented their program, their school and themselves.


    Walter K. Butzu
    Chair of English Department
    University Liggett School
    This letter reminds us that the media w/ it's talking heads, the schools that cheat, and the arrogant/****y players and coaches who act like fools on TV don't reflect the best of sports or sportsmanship. You can win the game and be a "loser". you can lose the game and be a "winner". We have a real "Winner" at the helm and whether or not you like how we end up on the scoreboard, CFB has this program positioned to be a leader in winning or losing the right way. I personally wouldn't have it any other way, win or lose.

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    Who really wrote this? Good to hear VT's program is appreciated. As Frank says, "It's a tough business."
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    Frank is always 1st class - He is what Hokie Respect is all about!

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    I write a pretty good letter when I'm drunk.**

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    What a wonderful, honest, perceptive letter. I'm at a loss for more words. Thanks "we're" for sharing.

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    arrrrghhhhhh - I hate losing to decent folks. dadgummit.

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    Sigh... right there with ya. That loss still hurts.

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    Wow !

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    Quote Originally Posted by HokieinTampa View Post
    Sigh... right there with ya. That loss still hurts.
    No doubt losses hurt, and this one could have gone either way. For me this loss did not bother me nearly as much as say the ACC CG against FSU in 2005, or the Kansas game. Even BSU... we just made too many mistakes early in that game to overcome. For me the JMU game was by far the worst loss in a long time.

    Maybe I was more concerned, heading into the game with Michigan, that Clemson exposed VT enough for Michigan to take advantage, and crush VT again.

    Our coaches and players were prepared, and battled hard the entire game. Too often we win sloppy games like that, and ignore the problems that caused sloppy play.

    I hate losing games as much as any fan, but this game was not a terrible loss for me. Sure we coulda and shoulda won, but our players left it all on the field... gave it their best effort. Michigan was also fortunate in several situations, and VT kept battling back. It was a great game for the Sugar Bowl. It was a good showing for VT as an at large team.

    So many are focused on what ESPN suggests are important issues... winning big games, beating top 5 teams, not representing the ACC well and etc. To me VT wasn't supposed to win the ACC in the first place... we were in a rebuilding year, both on offense and defense (young). Now I know Clemson was younger, and it was FSU that was supposed to win the Atlantic and the ACC, at least per ESPN's talking heads at the time the season was kicking off.

    Every team has their strengths and weaknesses... VT did very well, with a relatively soft schedule, but lost the biggest games. Well 32 deserving teams lost bowl games... with teams like LSU, Stanford, VT and etc being on short end. Teams that have talent and fight hard still lose games. I just don't see this loss to Michigan as a terrible loss. We could have been crushed in that game, and weren't. Plus, there have been several plays like Danny Coale's catch in the EZ that were ruled TDs after that. VT outplayed Michigan, and we have most of that D back, and a lot of potential on the offensive side of the ball. VT has been near the top of the ACC since joining... either winning the ACC outright or ending up being the highest ranked ACC team after the season is over, in almost every season.

    I was most proud of VT for the way they handled themselves after the loss. A game that was decided by the refs and some lucky bounces in Michigan's favor. Losses hurt, but, while it is still a loss, I felt VT proved everything they needed to prove.

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