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    Quote Originally Posted by Cvillehoops13 View Post
    Imo Roy Williams is one of the 15 best coaches in the history of the game. The guy has invented more stuff than most coaches ever even run in their lives and has changed the way transition bball is played. He has done one heck of a job evolving a lot of Dean Smith's stuff. I don't think he's a flexible in-game manager but I'd say Dean Smith wasn't either - they are guys who have always been ahead of the game in terms of style and innovation and they operate within their play.

    I can't tell you how many teams across the country base their fastbreak and secondary break off of concepts invented (or modernized/popularized) by Dean Smith and then expanded upon by Roy Williams. You don't win with the percentage that he has without really being able to coach.
    Other than being stacked with McD AA's and Bigs that VT has never seen the likes of what are the key attributes in your opinion that differentiate all time great coaches like Roy Williams from Seth? Can a coach be more creative when so many of his players are pros out of high school? Or how does Roy compare in creativity with a coach from VCU that coaches his so-so players to the final four?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guy LeDouche View Post
    His teams are consistently inconsistent. Add a little more consistency (ie, not losing games to lesser opponents) and he would be great.

    Seth operates just below the NCAA tourney line. We anxiously await an invite, and get snubbed. He's done very good things, but I'd like to see us do more.
    Actually, the one thing we've done very well (from a season-by-season viewpoint) is be incredibly consistent. If you go by Ken Pomeroy's end-of-season rankings, for 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2012 (I skipped 2009 because I had problems exporting the data) we average being the 42 ranked team with a standard deviation of 9. That makes us the 31st highest ranked team on average over that period (because some teams drop in and out). The standard deviation is 13th smallest.

    As you point out, we've consistently been on the bubble. However, our consistency has hurt us. Sure, we remember the duds like the BC game. However, every team has those. For the most part, we've beaten the teams we should have beaten (based on our final ranking) and lost to the teams we should have lost to. What's hurt us is that (1) we haven't been really good to the point that we've gotten into the tournament easily, and (2) the selection process rewards inconsistent behavior among bubble teams by its focus on top-25 and top-50 wins. (If you're good at getting top-25 wins, why are you on the bubble?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwampHokie View Post
    Some dislike him soley for who he is (a northerner)
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