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    Thanks! I stand corrected.

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    And how many wins over #1s and top-5 teams?

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    You can't really look only at number of wins. Moir coached 11 seasons, but fewer games were played per season back then, as well. Seth is only 58 or so behind Moir, after fewer seasons at the helm, which SOUNDS great, but he also was only slightly behind in alltime losses. I believe you need to look at win % to get a better idea of how our coaches perform(ed).

    -Seth was at .592 before the season.
    -Moir finished at .642 - Certainly better. And the Metro was no slouch.
    -His predecessor, Don Devoe finished .662 after his 5 seasons.
    -Chuck Noe was .681 after his 7 seasons, 1955-1962

    Anyone better than that was pre-1920

    Seth certainly has succeeded as a program builder, but I worry he has peaked, and is NOT a program changer ... i.e. getting them to the "next level".

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    Only 9 more wins also means nine less 18 game swing. So a 13-13 Stokes

    Quote Originally Posted by PhotoHokieNC View Post
    In fact, Seth is only averaging 9 more Ws a season than Ricky Stokes.
    would then turn into a 22-4 Greenberg......not too shabby!

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