View Poll Results: Which in your opinion are the most attractive teams left in the Mount USA merger?

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  • Air Force

    6 75.00%
  • Alabama-Birmingham

    0 0%
  • Colorado State

    3 37.50%
  • East Carolina

    7 87.50%
  • Fresno State

    0 0%
  • Memphis

    2 25.00%
  • Nevada

    4 50.00%
  • Nevada-Las Vegas

    2 25.00%
  • Southern Miss

    7 87.50%
  • Tulsa

    2 25.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Wink CUSA, MWC could "dissolve," form new league

    There was a big meeting today between the MWC and CUSA to discuss a merger. If they both dissolve before merging they can get out of their current TV contracts and go to the open market before the Big East can in November of 2012. The plan is that the 17 team league could survive losing more teams, in case the Big East loses more and has to back fill, and that having teams in 5 time zones allows for more TV options.

    I think that now that those leagues are thoroughly picked over, and their 2 most attractive TV teams are Air Force and UNLV, that they'd be better off individually picking through the WAC, MAC, Sunbelt and FCS call ups and trying to stay as regionally compact as possible. Spreading yourself all over the country doesn't make sense when the TV dollars aren't there. It is questionable that it is worthwhile for the BE much less the Mount USA merger.


    edit : I accidentally left Hawaii out of the poll.
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