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    Makes sense. Everyone will go into a holding pattern for a while. ND would be a huge addition for the ACC. I am probably in the minority but I would even give them some concessions (i.e. a few games on NBC).

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    I think OU would've been fine but OSU learned where they fit. Somewhere south of Utah, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, WVU, Pitt, and Syr. Yup, politics are fun but when your mascot wears a 20 gallon foam cowboy hat and your "best" donor burns $400mil in donation because he is too greedy, you really shouldn't expect other schools to take you seriously.

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    "They are the members of the All-American League. They come from cities....near and far." ;^)

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    Yep, those games on this short a notice would cost nearly $1 million each. And that's just for fball. They could even say that WVU cost them money because instead of a top 25 esque opponent on the home slate, they will end up with Arkansas St. You would have a half full stadium versus a packed stadium. That's worth millions to a Rutgers and the surrounding area's economy. And what about the TV? Will Rutgers versus Arkansas St. be on TV? Probably not. WVU versus Rutgers would likely be. Maybe even on ABC. Just by this rationale, a Rutgers could claim, probably rightfully, that replacing WVU with Arkansas St. for one single football game cost them 3-4 million.

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    In a game that WVU was playing in at the end of the regular season, their AD was specifically asked about the 2012 season. He said the all the coaches were preparing for a season in the Big 12. He said they were setting up their schedule with the Big 12 in mind.

    If that's the case this thing is going to get very ugly, since, I'm assuming, the LEFC is setting up 2012 schedule with WVU being one of it's teams.

    In March it will be next to impossible for either WVU & Big 12 to redo their schedule without WVU, and it will be nearly impossible for the LEFC and the teams left over to rearrange it's schedule excluding WVU.

    I'm really surprised that either WVU or LEFC hadn't attempted to get a quick judgement.

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    Big 12 goes to 14 by adding Louisville, Cincy, Uconn and Rutgers before their new tier 1 TV deal in 2015-16. They would have taken BYU but BYU's demands will remain ridiculous. ND decides to stay in the BE even after they lose 4 schools. The BE adds Villanova to the football side, Temple, Memphis and one other as full members. Maybe even upgrading Boise State and/or SDSU to full membership.

    ND won't join a conference until they are shut out of the title game.
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    OSU is academically on par with the lowest ranking schools in the PAC-12 (Oregon State and Arizona State). If academics were the issue, then Texas Tech would have been the deal breaker. I believe TT is the lowest-ranking school academically out all 6 of the BCS conferences. Of course, the situation could have been remedied by including Baylor instead of TT.

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    still can't believe b12 picked up (or tried to pick up - depending on lawsuit) WVU. They won't add UConn/SUNJ but maybe picking up the turds that are Lewisville and Cincy would be good for that dump.

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    yes, and the top end of the PAC 12 are in the top 25, quite a ways better than 160. Being on par with the worst schools doesn't negate academic desirability. In fact if you were Stanford (#5) and Cal (#21), just how many #160 schools would you want in your conference. Believe me, while I don't agree with academics having such a large sway in what are decisions about athletic conferences, it does exist in spades.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgeman View Post
    I see the Big East expanding to become the "All America & then some" conference, the SEC going to 14 with the addition of aTm & Mizzou, the ACC going to 14 with Pitt & exCUSE, and the Big-1X signing up with the PAC-12 to do a football challenge.

    What's next? Will ND make a decision, or did the football challenge give ND everything it needed to postpone a move indefinitely?
    CNNSi is reporting today Navy about to announce move to BE.

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