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    Quote Originally Posted by Hokie CPA View Post
    ESPN had the broadcast rights to the game and they wanted a rematch, so the night of the first Bama-LSU game they went to work right away pushing for a rematch, influencing the voters in any way imaginable, to get Bama into the title game. If the ESPN Flapping Gums had been truly objective throughout November, Oklahoma State would have played LSU last night. The final BCS rankings were close enough to convince me of that.

    So, yes... I blame ESPN for shoving a crappy rematch at us when we could have had a new game played between two teams that had yet to play each other.
    Well, I can't speak to your ESPN theory but if Oklahoma State had won out they'd have been in that game over Alabama and there wouldn't be anything ESPN could do about it. If you want in the game, you gotta take care of business on the field.

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    No problem. I appreciate everything you're doing here. The text only signature feature is working though.
    I'm not good at tests.

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    Evidently you need to sleep with someone other than Will.

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    I actually live in Bama, so this sure made work more enjoyable today haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuadHokie View Post
    Why blame ESPN?
    Because they pimped and drove media thought as to who should be in the game.

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    My first "new post"...hope it works. In reference to the game, I suppose nodding off was not so bad after all

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    Bravo, and i could go on and on but i won't waste my effort

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    After the first game my butt! They were promoting the game of the century I And II during the freaking PRESEASON...bunch of self serving whores who pretend that they have the "best interests of the college game" at the forefront...and don't get me started about that two faced 'has-been' of an Ohio State reject they give the bully pulpit so he can whale on VT for a freaking week and then do his little girly fake ass apology like "oh, I never ever meant to degrade Virginia Tech, I really respect what they are....bla,bla,bla,...I'll never, ever listen to another word out of that a-hole. Other than that they are a bunch of fine stand up gentlemen

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