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    Highschool football coach that took his team to VA state title fired for RUTS

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    No matter what, he was going to get fired after the year was over. Earlier this year he was involved in some incident involving alcohol and some of the players on the team that got him suspended. IMO, the decision was made at that time that this would be his last year. In the end, they couldn't fire him for performance, so they decided to say he ran up the score (looking at their scores from this year, it's not like they won every game 60-0). In fact, judging by how much other teams scored on them, it appears that with their defense they couldn't score enough points.

    If they had lost a couple games, he would have been fired for "performance".

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    Ehh, this is a private school league. They like their sports teams, but academics and respect are more important..If this were the big 4,5 or 6 A teams in VA no way would a coach get fired for running up a score. Winning football games is # 1 priority...

    Kinda reminds you of the situtaion within the college ranks huh ?

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    Reading the article he was told by his bosses not to RUTS on other teams. He did it anyway by his own admission. He's gone. You can't directly defy your boss and expect to keep your job.



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    But in the public school sector he would have been fired for the students drinking at a party at his house !
    I read a article that two Christiansburg girls basketball coaches were fired this past week for buying moon shine and putting the shine in the trunk of a car away from the players no drinking was involved !

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