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    Quote Originally Posted by javahokie View Post
    It's pretty obvious he SUCKS at coaching and a high school student can coach a better offensive line than Newsome.
    So why did Beamer retain him for so long?
    Was he at least popular with the guys as Stinespring was?
    Did he want the best for our kids and want them to graduate and get a degree?
    Is he an awesome human being?

    what other than his football skills (lack of) did Beamer see in that guy?
    He was extremely good at not getting fired despite annually bad results.
    "I love it when you guys try to write off a Frank Beamer team -- no one is going to win this conference without Virginia Tech having some sort of say in it." - David Cutcliffe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guy LeDouche View Post
    Wasn't he a zone blocking guru?
    I'm not sure he was a guru. IIRC, he only coached OL for a year or two before showing up at VT.
    "Knowledge is good"

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    I know several hs coaches who coached w/him in the all star games and they really liked him. I know he and Mike Smith got along which was a big thing and he got us Tyrod. after that things look like they went downhill fast.

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