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    Team is improved but........

    the ACC is tougher than ever. I think the ACC women's hoops is a better conference, competition-wise, than the men's hoops this season with 4 top 10 teams and 6 top 25. The lower conference teams are improved. I can't say the same for the ACC men's lower half teams.

    Ugoka is a player. Too bad she's a senior. 3 pt. defense wasn't good today against BC. BC is improved too. It's going to be a struggle to make post season play but I'm still hoping for at least a WNIT. If Tellier and Ugoka can play to their potential and the young players improve, post season is a reality. Maybe their RPI will be good enough for post season.

    This team is much improved from last year. Young can play defense. Campbell has shown signs of being a good rebounder. Panousis will struggle at times but she's just a freshman and has the attitude and talent to get better as the season progresses. That's a lot of responsibility for a freshman to play point in the ACC. It appears that Dennis Wolff is sticking with his recruited players now? Not much of Nia Evans and Hadley today. I'm surprised Lauren Evans didn't play (unless she's injured?) the point a little but her minutes are almost nonexistent with Panousis starting. Penn, Hill, and Maulupe had some good moments but played like freshmen, which they are.

    I see this team struggling on the road and upsetting a few teams at home this season.

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    BC made several 3 pointers with almost no time left on the clock. They had several possessions when the time clock expired. I doubt they will be that lucky in Cassell. We did well to launch the comeback and almost pulled it out. The freshman will continue to improve.

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