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    Sorry, but I choose to be in the "what have you done for me today" camp, not "what happened in the past" camp. The ACC's powerhouse teams that are in BCS bowls this year have been down for at least a decade, and it's great seeing them come back to prominence. I, along with most Hokies, would much rather see VT playing for all the marbles, but we aren't there yet. If the conference does better in big games (like we have a chance to do this season), then our conference will be perceived as stronger. If the ACC is stronger, the best of the local/regional HS football players will have a closer choice to play football at the highest levels than just packing their bags and heading to the SEC/Big-10.

    You may want to talk about how much the ACC has sucked for the last 10 years, but I choose to look towards a brighter future where the ACC has a chance to turn the tables on the all-powerful SEC! If the ACC goes 2-0 in BCS Bowls while beating the SEC champ and Urban Meyer's OSU boys, while the all-powerful, unbeatable, unconquerable, god-like SEC teams have losses to the ACC & Big-12...unthinkable!

    Hopefully VT's future will be brighter because we're playing tougher ACC competition (and Frank finally sees that making decisions as a friend instead of as a head coach isn't going to win a MNC trophy).

    The hotter the fire, the stronger the steel!

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