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    Lester Karlin retiring at the end of school year year

    Did a search - didn't see this posted
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    Wonder if Jesse Penn is going to see him off

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    Definitely a character. I was a student manager in mens basketball my freshman year and had to get something out of the equipment room to set up for a game the next day. Unfortunately everyone was gone and the keys weren't where I was told they would be. This was early in the season and I hadn't really worked much with Lester so I didn't know his reputation ... so I looked him up in the phone book, called him at home, told him what was going on, and asked him if he could help me out. Half hour later he was in the building unlocking for me and showing me where the head manager had actually left the keys. Nice as could be.

    You should have seen the looks on the faces of the head manager and the coaches the next day when I told him I'd called Lester at home. They were shocked I was still alive -- and even more shocked that I hadn't been on the receiving end of a single curse word from him.

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