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    Quote Originally Posted by vthokieq View Post
    Actually...they were tougher, nastier, faster, AND more innovative. They were just flat out better. Simply is what it is.
    It really did look like they had more talent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lawhokie View Post
    I disagree - tough and nasty no longer = winning in college football. We didn't lose to UCLA because they were tougher than us. Now, it's all about innovation, and we haven't had that in a long, long while.
    You're right. Programs like Stanford and Alabama are having such hard times right now.

    I had a bad feeling that this game was going to be pretty lopsided... and it was worse than I imagined it would be. I think the change is already underway. I think we're going to have one more year of "meh". But 2015 is shaping up to be a pretty good year for us. And IMO, if we're not "back" by 2015, it'll be time for a change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 48tnhokie View Post
    "VT is just another team in the ACC"

    He speaks the truth
    That's been true for 2 years. When Maryland beats you on senior day, you know you're just another ACC team.

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