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    Quote Originally Posted by Groff View Post
    It's not the Frank Beamer MO. "Loyal to a Fault" isn't something that was invented on this message board. It's how the guy operates, and he's more committed to that than he is winning. It's paid a lot of great returns, and it's suffered a lot of great losses as a result. For Frank Beamer, for better or worse, it's all about "relationships." Relationships between him and his staff, relationships between his staff and each other, relationships between the program and high school coaches. He is reticent to do things that will jeopardize those relationships because he thinks that the relationships lead to wins. It's one way to do things and I think it's the reason we have enjoyed the kind of success that we have over the last two decades. It's also why we haven't enjoyed the higher level of success we could have achieved using the inital success as a foundation.
    Wouldn't say he's more committed to relationships than winning but you are correct that he believes relationships lead to wins.
    Frank's philosophy was a good way to build the foundation of the program but it has not been able to take us to the next level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Groff View Post
    You really didn't post any facts beyond cherry picking scores at points and then writing opinions based in those cherry picked facts.

    The offense against Rutgers, the collapses against UGA and Stanford, all of the Kansas game...all speak to a lack of focus. Football games are 60 minutes long.

    Everyone pretty much acknowledges that the "always" thing was an exaggeration, but you're kind of burying your head in the sand if you don't think we have a bowl performance issue.
    Haha. Yea. "VT scored a TD in the 1st quarter in year XXXX. Where is the lack of focus?"

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