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    Quote Originally Posted by hokie77 View Post
    O.K., explain to us why you don't give a backup time when the starter is playing poorly? And please don't say it's because it will destroy his confidence.
    Because the backup sucks! Pretty simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Groff View Post
    Keep fighting the good Internet fight and I hope you find whatever validation you're looking for in your denigration of fellow fans.
    Lol, stop brining other fans into this. It's two "fans" and your less-informed sidekick two fought the "loyalty" fight all year but nothing, and I mean nothing, backs up your hypothesis.......

    What you and that other dude could not swallow is that we have LITTLE-TO-NO TALENT on offense.....Logan was our talent. Leal was not going to make this team better. Taking Logan off the field, or moving him to a spot he gets five touches a game would have been a TRAVESTY......yet, you just could not swallow that......

    So, once again, sorry your boy Leal could not support your hypothesis.....

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    [QUOTE=hokiehunter07;893807]Because the backup sucks! Pretty simple.

    So you reached this conclusion BEFORE this game how? Invited to practices? Friends with coaches, players?

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