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    Quote Originally Posted by Melbourne Hokie View Post
    I wonder how much this had to do with a lack of traffic. I quit for awhile because it seems there are nothing but NATs on the boards anymore.
    It was a perfect storm of the format change plus our worst season in 10+ years

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    Quote Originally Posted by BUGGZY View Post
    when i come back and my vB "What's New" button is gone, i may be gone, too...
    The "What's New" button was like Heisenberg Blue to me there for a while. Couldn't wait for another taste. Still kind of is, but not the rush it once was. Which is kind of the way meth is, or so I've been told.

    (Drugs are bad, don't do drugs.)
    "Revolution rock, it is a brand new rock. A bad, bad rock, this here revolution rock."

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    Quote Originally Posted by NCHokie83 View Post
    If I remember correctly, that was the EXACT reason Will & Chris pleaded with everyone to adopt the vBulletin style back in 2012. We switched, the people who had grown addicted to the one liner comments complained, some adopted, many left, and instead of building upon the strong user base they had at that time and moving forward, they decided to try and appeal to those who did leave, while not really regarding the opinions of the loyal ones who followed, and are now in the situation we're in.

    But this whole conversation has been brought up time and time again. Will & Chris don't care what we think. They did their polls and people spoke. They want their Chat forums back, and Will & Chris have already hinted to the fact that they are completely abandoning any and all vBulletin functionality. At this point, we're just waiting on them to turn it off.
    I think you have hit the nail on the head. The initial format change obviously drove off subscribers who refused to adapt to change. Now the subscribers who were loyal and adapted to the change that Will and Chris pleaded for are likely soon to be faced with either having to accept an inferior product offering or will be driven off much like the original subscribers who quit on TSL. Unfortunately I believe that the waffling back and forth between formats is doing nothing but further driving down TSL's subscriber base.

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