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    Well that was embarassing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goobypls View Post
    well that was embarassing.
    acc! Acc! Acc!
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    The reality is that we are what we are and tonights game just reinforced that. We were against a coach in his fourth or fifth year that has been running his system very well. He has his players and JJ does not. We are young and injured at the guard spots and we are not strong inside.

    I just don't get all of the angst shown. We still don't know how good JJ can be but he simply needs more time to prove one way or another what he can do. Of course I'm disappointed.
    "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

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    Quote Originally Posted by VTChip View Post
    I think we have potential but today is disappointing to me in two areas:

    ---at times we looked lost against their pressure; inexcusable given our time to prepare
    ---our defense is still really suspect; way too many times of not having position and resulting in wide open looks
    1)no matter how much prep is done, it's hard to simulate VCU's live bullets

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    Wow, lol. VT played VCU "even" in 2nd half because VCU was done with the 31-0 run and smashing VT into the ground. It's impossible for VCU to continue that. The game was over and VCU knew it and there was no possible way VT could be forced to play worse. It makes you feel better VCU didn't go on another impossible 30+ - 0 run in the 2nd half....haha. Opposing teams don't keep their foot on full throtal when its not necessary. That's unnecessary energy expenditure.
    Quote Originally Posted by soflahokie View Post
    It does for me, we've bounced back from getting hit in the mouth and played them even the 2nd half. Last years team would've lost by 50

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    Quote Originally Posted by soflahokie View Post
    Last years team would've lost by 50
    This was so funny I spit my coffee out when I read it. It reminded me of an old Al Groh quote:

    "3rd and 7 is better than 3rd and 9."

    How about:

    "'Tis better to lose 82-52 than 102-52"

    Now there's a "glass half full" quote for you if ever there was one. Its amazing what can be translated into "showing improvement" when one really reaches for it.

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