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    I agree about keeping it between coach and player. His bio said he missed a game last year due a family matter. I suspect that same issue is still there but much worse now. I have a couple of things in mind but prefer not speculationg on a message board. You can do your own speculating. There are things in life that can really drag you down.

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    Most of the 'internal basketball team' issues is between the coach and the players. I really respect JJ for keeping it between rankin and himself and taking the high road and not letting this get into the media or much worse the Message board environment. THey are working it out; Rankin appears to be getting a degree and moving on with life. Its really tough on JJ as well, because lets be frank, his position is shaky, and he's making the TOUGH calls…..

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    I believe he is close to finish his degree.. He's going to complete his degree at vt and move on with life this year. Obviously there is no animosity here so vt will honor the scholarship thru the year for him to graduate -and he moves on., rankin probably feels college basketball not a priority or in the future

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    Maybe he just lost his passion/love for the game. Stuff happens. I wish him well.

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