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    You think I'm gonna sign a sell ticket for you????

    slightly NSFW words
    Quote Originally Posted by Freddyburg Hokie View Post
    Get back in there and SELL! SELL! SELL!

    With the move to a depleted MWC, the loss of Peterson, and a new paradigm for selecting the big bowls (one that places an emphasis on SoS, which the Broncos will not have), they're in a tough spot.
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    Sell Mortimer Sell!

    I would have told you that even if he stayed.
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    Relatively speaking, they are going away. They will be a 1st division team in what ever conference they are currently in.

    I believe their days of being a constant fixture on the big boy post season football circuit are over. I don't think I ever heard Boise State mentioned this year.

    But then, I don't watch espn any longer so I may have missed it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Roanokie View Post
    This new hire Harsin is the absolute best scenario they could have hoped for with a Peterson move. The guy was basically the architect of the very good offensive years from 3-7 years ago, and he's a Boise native so recruiting won't need to start from scratch. Yep, they're struggling relative to the glory years, but it's too soon to say they're going away.

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    Decline a bit.

    They have always been lucky with regards to coaching. Somehow they always seem to pull a rabbit out of their . . . hat.

    I think they decline a bit at this juncture. But I think Harsin is a good hire for them.

    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Golf View Post

    Do they improve, stay about the same, decline a bit, or fall off the map?

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    Sell. Unsustainable. Too small, too remote.
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    Short that stock. Sell, Sell, Sell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reestuart View Post
    Sell. The non-big 5 conference schools are going to be hurting in the near future.
    I've been saying for years the non-auto qualifying BCS conferences should break away and form their own division with their own playoff and national championship. They can call it the MWS Division - MacWacSwac

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    Buy because they have an all-time win percentage of .723 going back to the days that they were a Junior College. Their program has always won and they also are paying their assistant coaches as much as we pay ours. Their budget for assistant coaches is $2.2 million and that's $700K more than the #2 school in the Mountain West.

    Boise State is the definition of "winning."

    Also, their new football complex is just as nice if not nicer than ours.

    If anyone should be selling stock, it's in our program because this program isn't improving one damn bit.
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    Boise State wins.
    Always have.
    The new guys is a good hire.

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