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    Didn't one of them types use to write a column for this site?

    Quote Originally Posted by Will Stewart View Post
    One of the more shocking things to me when VT joined the ACC was too find out how many students and alums were VT football fans, and UNC or Duke basketball fans -- to the point where they would root for UNC or Duke against VT. That's just ... completely foreign to my way of thinking. VT first, always. It's okay if you want to root for UNC or Duke in basketball, but to root for them when they play against VT? Wow.
    Get over it, your side lost.

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    ACC is negotiating with strength and simply since the Chik filet dumped the ACC so what. IF YOU GUYS DONT KNOW THE ACC IS GOVERN MY THE PRESIDENT's and they voted SEVERAL years ago, that it is the policy of of ACC that if you are runner up in a top tier bowl, no school will be bumped up. This is why ACC partnered next year with the big bucks from the Champs versus other bowls for the second team after the Orange and/or tourney series. Champs didn't care. Outback wanted to pull who they wanted (ie. if avg clemson with all their fans bumps a 11-1 Duke team for example. SImply ACC is not going to stand for it.

    Now with their Rights agreement and projected revenue from the proposed network and other sources; acc would rather have them say no thank you; and frankly ACC and Chik Filet are memories, they have their sights on top tier teams from the topped ranked teams. (remember Gator was that way with the Big east/ACC and there was a divorce and next year Gator and ACC are backed. interesting.

    Quote Originally Posted by VTChip View Post
    I wouldn't be a bit surprised. Swoffard takes care of the NC Mafia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VTHokie2000 View Post
    The CFA might care indirectly about TV rating if it has any impact on their contracts. Majority of their contracts (i.e. concessions, programs, etc) will either be a fixed or predetermined price. However, their contracts with the various sponsors may be more fluid with the final price not being determined until after the game was played. It would be no different than how the final price for Super Bowl ad slots are not determined until after the game is played.

    WRT to the "tourist things," it will depend on how people define it. For example, some cities include the revenue earned from food/beverage sales in with "tourist revenue." While other cities list it as a seperate category and only list the revenue earned from the tourist sites as "tourist revenue." If a bowl game has 2 high profile teams, then it could prompt people to spend more money at the various local establishments. If they are planning to attend the game, then that would encourage them to eat out before or after the game. If they don't have tickets to the game, then it make prompt them to go to the favorite sports bar to watch the game and spend money there. I know some Hokie fans, who never get tickets to the bowl game, will still travel to the city and watch the game at a local sports bar. Typically they try to pick the more well known ones so they can say "they have been there," but sometimes the pick a bar because they see a flyer advertising a bowl game viewing party. While I am not suggesting that every school has fans that will do that, the bowl game may encourage people living in the surrounding metro area to come into the city and spend money instead of remaining at home.
    I'm sure they do care, and it looks like dook didn't hurt them one bit...
    "This no more resembles that than something unlike something else resembles that." - Loosely quoting PHNC

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    Quote Originally Posted by BUGGZY View Post
    I'm sure they do care, and it looks like dook didn't hurt them one bit...
    Better ratings then more money in everyone's pocket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NCHokie83 View Post
    Into taking Duke over Miami, and the CFA reps as well as the sponsors in Atlanta are really ticked off about it. They wanted Miami all along for the ratings and even had it agreed upon with the Miami reps, and then Swofford got involved. Now they've essentially been bullied into taking Duke.

    Wow, if this is true. Must be nice to be one of the chosen programs that the commissioner goes to bat for.
    IF this is true, then the CFA Bowl needs to send Swofford flowers. They got the better team and a game for the ages out of it.
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