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i agree that if we went to 13, a 14th would be allowed for going to Hawaii. so 6-7 teams a year would have a 14th game. no way Hawaii leaves a conference and gives up 6-7 games on the continent. do you think the islands give them 25 division 1 players every year? they need to play over here for both recruiting and exposure (brand).
Hawai'i gets a good percentage (maybe around 50%) of their recruits from Samoa or of Samoan decent (even main landers). Because the main landers still maintain a strong connection with their homeland, that has opened a lot of doors for Hawaii. So I am not sure how much "exposure" they are really gaining from playing on the main land. Most years Hawai'i only plays 4 away games (all conference games), so it is very rare to see them play an OOC away game. Besides, I am not sure it is a very hard sales pitch to make. After all who wouldn't want to play football in Hawai'i? Boise St is another school with the Samoan Connection mainly because a large Samoan populuation is found in California and Idaho.