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    milk clock...time and situation..... the clock ... VT can burn 1 minute with just two possessions.

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    Where is the help defense on those drives off of screens. Yes. Smith is getting beat but the weak-side bottom defender needs to rotate over. We have never been good at the weak-side defender dropping and helping.

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    Need the points. And need to be able to play defense for 38 seconds.... need points and need patience. time and situation,

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    January 27, 2001
    I know we didn't need a three, but Emelegou was wide open there. Too bad Eddie didn't see him.

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    Eddie didn't rotate up with his player. He wasn't helping on the drive or playing man! UGh again.

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    Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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    VT does not need an outside shot. They just need a basket... See if you can spread them out. Don't live and die by the 3-point outside shot..

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    Lol you live by Jarell Eddie, you die by Jarell Eddie, I guess.

    Very winnable game allowed to slip away, oh well ...

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    Wow...Emelegou can sure shoot.

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