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Thread: VT vs. MSU

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    Michigan has been cold outside for the most part but...

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    too many inside dunks when people should be aware. week foul on Barksdale

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    devin can't take these players off the dribble. he needs to stop trying and just run the team.

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    We are getting beat up inside...BAD

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    here it comes... the separation. forced shots.. raines throws it up. smith takes one. to get it back

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    Wilson is having a bad game.....

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    Turnovers are mounting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeHokieFan View Post
    We are getting beat up inside...BAD
    That is what happens when a team recruits players who are physically built to play the PF or C position at the next level vs. a player who will probably end up playing the SF at the next level.

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    Payne can't miss. Didn't know he was such a threat from 3 pt range.

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    Izzo said in an interview earlier this year that Payne reminded him of Detlef Schrempf (skills and range) and physicality of Horace Grant.

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