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    Quote Originally Posted by hoosnowahokie View Post
    I agree with this statement. Still work to be done on the offensive side of the ball, but I like the defense.
    That's my belief as well. He lacks a shooting touch but has shown good hands for a big man who is not a premier threat on offense. I'm hopeful that the touch can be developed.

    At the defensive end, he's willing to battle. I've seen him get pushed out of position quite a bit, so it appears he still needs to get stronger. (It's scary how strong these guys have to be to play effectively.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by HokiePoq View Post
    Disagree. Joey is a much better player, better athlete. Crabby was just tall. I think I saw a ball land on his head one time when it bounced off the backboard. Joey is playing good defense and hit some clutch free throws tonight, too.
    agreed. Krab never really looked like he belonged out there. JVZ has a lot to work on, but he doesn't look out of place out there.

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    I hope JVZ keeps getting better, he gives us strategic depth. I don't think he'll be a guy who gives us anything offensively but there's no reason he can't be a defensive sub in time.

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    Based on his play this weekend, I'd have to say long term project. You can see his frustration on the court and it affects his play.

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