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Thread: NBA Players?

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    NBA Players?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjb23 View Post
    Hey guys,

    I'm doing some scouting for the NBA draft. Most of what I do involves objective evaluation, but I've learned that supplementing that information with subjective observations can be really helpful. And since it'd be impossible for me to watch every game of every team, I want to see if you guys would be willing to offer your opinions.

    My initial questions are:

    1. Which players (if any) on your team have a shot at being in the nba NEXT YEAR?

    2. What are their chances of making the nba? (e.g. "he might have to go play in europe or the d-league first," "probably a first round pick," etc),and

    3. How likely are they to stay in school despite having a shot at the nba?

    For each of these players, I'll make new posts so you guys can elaborate on their strengths, weaknesses, etc and general observations throughout the season.

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