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    Probably will lead the country in turnovers too

    Quote Originally Posted by nvpbrown View Post
    Down 33-31 at the half.

    It looks like we have the same problems we had last year -- little offensive flow and defense getting out of position a lot. Plus no Erick Green... It looks like Eddie may make a run at leading the country in scoring as our offensive "default" player (15 points at the half on 5-12 shooting).

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    We can't run the entire offense through Eddie, we just can't. He can lead in scoring but we need guys to step up and find each other on the court.

    Defensively we're a mess.

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    Hokies up 58-56 with 8:08 left. This half is going back-and-forth with nobody getting separation; we were briefly up 5.

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    Now down 62-60 with 4:45 to go.

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    62-62. Tech with the ball and an absolutely pathetic possession. I blame Johnson for that.

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    Bad offense. Just because they could not get it into Raines does not mean he needed to shot. There are not real defensive pressure turnovers by VT

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    Ugh -- down 63-64 1:10. Not a good time for JE to miss his first FT.

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    Bad shot by eddie... forces it ... just not good decisions

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    Upstate still up 64-63 with the ball and 38.5 on the clock (30 on the shot clock). JVZ swats a shot on a USC-U breakaway to save us from going down 3.

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    Eddie is shooting Tech out of the game the last several minutes. Missed several wide open 3s. Just airballed a turnaround/fadeaway in the lane and missed a FT.

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