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    and I have significant experience with raising money for non-profits, and VT athletic department is very poor in broadening sources of revenue. Folks would say, look they got the score board free from IMG, The answer is that is typical not special. You look at Louisville and using naming rights to raise money. VT relies on primarily revenue from football (and acc contributions) to manage the program. VT for some reason is very low on person contributions to athletics. We just don't have seasoned experience solicitors. Experience in the field is more than being an ex-VT player or ex-local banker.

    Also, VT runs the program, like one happy family, instead of performance based organization. ITs about as close system as the program back in the sixties under Matthews. The rest of the university is measured based on metrics with our peers, appears athletics does not have the performance review to keep the azimuth going.

    However, I do like to know what is VT strategy for athletics. Is it just run broad programs with high academics and just being competitive? or is it serious about being a national leader. The formal requires much less resources, therefore VT should not INVEST IN THE INDOOR PRACTICE FACILITY. and keep tickets low and really advise the contributors and season ticket . We too invest our time to follow the hokies and if the university is not serious why should we invest our resources and time.

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    How much do you donate?

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    I'm not sure where you got that message from my post.

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    You realize the vast majority of people you just ripped are ticket holders and do in fact donate? You probably came to the wrong cross section of hokies to post that pontificating rant.
    But everybody reads from a different perspective. Just to clarify and remove any doubt, the post was directed at those that expect great things but give nothing to the program. Some fans rip players after a loss, some fans rip coaches after a loss, I think those who can help the program but choose not to should consider taking the one action they can do that actually will help. That's the whole story.

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