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    Quote Originally Posted by jms41 View Post
    Only 29,500 people watched the UNC-VT game in Charlotte. I know Heels don't support football but there are VT fans down there as well. ACC Network (Ray om) in crappy time slot seems like a bad deal. What will improve this?
    Viewership would've been quadrupled if Roy Williams sat in the booth throughout the game and talked about the upcoming basketball season.

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    Not certain, but....

    Quote Originally Posted by Femoyer Hokie View Post
    83,000 people in Charlotte watched the Ohio State-Wisconsin game this year. One do they arrive at these numbers?
    Is that the difference between a high-profiled Nationally televised ESPN/ABC night game versus a regional Raycom game? 83K in Charlotte might watch Stanford-Oregon too, as long as it didn't start after 9pm. It'd be interesting to see the numbers in Charlotte for the FSU-Clemson game, especially since Clemson is just down the road.

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