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    Quote Originally Posted by fathersonhokie View Post
    Is it just that simple?
    Yes, it's that simple. If you can't block you can't run. There is no scheme that exists that does not rely on OL to make blocks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fathersonhokie View Post
    Why are we completely unable to run the ball? I mean completely.

    Is it really on JC or Trey? The kids are athletes.
    It HAS to be scheme, doesn't it? Or does it?

    If we hand off and get back to LOS, it is a "good" result.

    Is it that our OL can't execute, can't block...or is it the scheme that they're asked to carry out is bad?

    We can not rush, at all.
    Something's goofy.
    In all my years of watching VT football, I've never seen us wholly unable to run the ball as we seem to be this yr.

    What gives?

    (I recall one poster last week suggesting we just line up a few TEs in the backfield, so that at least LT would have an extra "real" blocker or two... it is a funny idea, but its beginning to make sense to me, if it is a given that all we can do is get back to L.O.S. on any given rush)
    I think VT is using more zone blocking this year, which is more difficult when the defense outnumbers the offense in the box. VT might have to start using the passing game to open up the running game. For example start using more 4 or 5 WR where there are more medium and deep routes that forces the defense to drop off in coverage. If VT starts connecting more on medium and deep routes, then that should open up the box. Also, if more passing plays require Logan to rollout and move the pocket, then that should give him some lanes to take off on scrambling plays. It seems on running plays, VT is still predictable in majority of the runs are up the middle. I am a bit surprised VT isn't running more misdirection plays (i.e. counters, traps, reverses, etc) to try to open up running lanes. When an offense becomes very predictable, then it is next to impossible for the OL to beat the defense to the point of attack.

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