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    Two minutes to go and Ball State QB has a clean white jersey. Interesting. Is he the starter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tafkam Hokie View Post
    I'm at the uva game. Hoos are getting worked over. Granted, bsu has an nfl quality qb, but not much else.

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    Le Butterknife is unanimous at this point. Mike London has ZERO support over there. Tom O'Brien should be named interim head coach before the sun sets today, if they had their way.
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    I just wish we would STOP with the zone blocking read option crap and line up in the I, put a hat on a hat and run the tailback behind the fullback through a designated gosh-danged hole. There is NO REASON why this program shouldn't be able to find 5 fat guys who can move some people out of the way and clear a lane for a back to get through!

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    But the WR corps, as a whole, look much, much improved.
    Quote Originally Posted by VTallday View Post
    The OL should be ashamed of themselves
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