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    I fully expect a day will come that every major conference is at 16 teams except for the ACC.
    Doubtful. Absent a breakup of the Big XII-II+II, who do you see being added to the Pac-12 that will add value?

    16 teams makes for a nice 4x4 divisional setup, but it's the fans looking at that, not the schools or the conferences. They're looking at money, and will not look to take in less in order to make a pretty org chart. That goes for the 4x16 conference setup as well.

    It may work out nice for postseason, but unless forced on them from above (e.g. NFL commissioner), it has to fulfill the needs/desires of the decision-makers (i.e. school presidents and conference commissioners), and right now, it doesn't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goldendomer View Post
    Another thing is that Dodd's said that if the moved it would be east not west. Dodd's put the kaboosh on the Pac 12 .
    Yes, but he's retiring, isn't he?

    It seemed at the time that the Longhorn Network (well, and A&M's desire to SECede) was the only stumbling block to the formation of the Pac-16. Well, the Longhorn Network is essentially failing, and DeLoss Dodds is on his way out. Is there movement potential? Who knows.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gman86 View Post
    WADR goldendomer... and I do very much respect the info you bring to this board... but reading that thread left me with the impression that the ND fan base is the biggest bunch of whining babies on the face of the planet.

    So many posts denigrating other universities across the country.

    Every comment dripping with the "We are ND and we are special" drivel.

    I think ND is an excellent university with a great football history... but my God (sorry!) the sun does not rise to warm the leprechaun's ass.
    Reading that thread I would have to agree. But those are the hard core never bend or break when it comes to independence or tradition alumni/fans. These are the same ones that want to fire Kelly because of the start of the season. Field turf or Jumbo-tron sets them off as much as independence.

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    Wow... the last post to this thread was August 30th... until today.

    Quote Originally Posted by goldendomer View Post
    Bumping this just for the fact that much to my shock conference membership came up on one of my boards. Just so you can see the Alumni(this is mostly an alumni board)feeling on the matter.;d=all

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