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    You are forgetting the power of Notre Dame. You can run Rudy on a continuous loop on the ACC Network for one day and draw viewers nation wide. I also believe that in the league the ACC has a national presence for basketball with UNC, Duke and Syracuse and for football the league has a national presence with Miami, FSU, VT, Clemson and Notre Dame.

    For those of you ready to hoot at me about the Hokies not having a national presence on TV in football, I can tell you that Tech is a really good numbers draw nationally for football. ESPN has been very Hokie friendly over the years for that exact reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CobbCountyHokie View Post
    I think that as things are currently constituted, we would be excluded from the Philadelphia market. An ACC Network has zero chance at national distribution without Notre Dame and something west of the Mississippi (like Texas). I think if Texas comes in and maybe some other Big XII friends, then you may have enough to get that national play.

    An ACC Network will not work unless you can get Comcast, Time Warner, Cox and Cablevision to the table on the Cable side and Direct and Dish on the satellite side. Direct and Dish will only play if they see national potential...which is why Direct does not carry the Pac-12 Network but does carry the Big 10 Network.

    To better answer your question, with 15 members in the league next year, I think that the ACC can be in every major market east of the Mississippi except for Philadelphia. This will also include Chicago thanks to Notre Dame and the markets in Kentucky and Indiana thanks to Louisville and Notre Dame.
    Thanks. That's what I thought, but wanted to get your view. Texas would really help nationalize the league. At the same time, I think we need to continue our Northeast strategy if we can. That calls for Penn State if we can get them, or Temple as a backup for Philadelphia. I still think Connecticut has value. I like Texas, Baylor, Tulane, Connecticut, and Temple.

    Also, are you following what's going on with On-demand cable channel offerings? I saw this one today. I'm not sure what Sony is doing, but the ACC needs to be tuned in.

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    Interesting about the providers listed and their leadership

    Quote Originally Posted by CobbCountyHokie View Post
    Of course this would mean that the ACC Network would have to have national distribution with the top operators in the country...Comcast, Direct, Dish, Time Warner, Cox, Charter, Cablevision, and Bright House. It would also mean that they would have to command a price of 20 cents per sub...which is not guaranteed.
    Comcast CEO Neil Smit, Duke BA, Tufts MA, currently lives in Philadelphia PA
    Direct TV CEO Michael White, Boston College BA, Boston College MA, lives in El Segundo CA
    Dish Chairman Charlie Ergen, Tennessee BA, Wake Forest MBA, lives in Littleton Colorado
    Brighthouse is based out of Syracuse NY, although their leaders hail from American U and U of Rochester.
    Cox Cable Director Anne Cox Chambers live in Atlanta, but has no ties to ACC schools

    Dish's CEO Joesph Clayton is an avid UK Wildcat bball fan, although he never went to school there (and has a masters from Indiana). Time Warner and Charter have Ivy league execs and could probably care less about college sports unless it makes them money. Cablevision looks family owned with education backgrounds from SUNY New Paltz and John Carroll Univ.

    None of it matters in reality, but it is interesting to note.

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