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    Mizzou's AD on D-4

    It's no different than asking, "Should we take a look at an additional division within Division I?" I happen to think that you should. I think that there are 60-70 schools that are different than everybody else in Division I. Different than anybody else and I think the time has probably come where we need to recognize that, that what goes on Michigan State is different than what they have to deal with at Eastern Michigan. It just is. What happens at Illinois is different than what they deal with at Illinois State. So let's recognize it, let's admit it, and let's just say, "OK, let's find the commonalities of those 60-70 schools and let them deal with some of the issues they need to deal with" while at the same time there are other common denominators that all of us have to deal with whether it's amateurism or whether it has to do with minimum hours toward graduation or standardized test scores, whatever that may be. All of us should have to deal with that. But I do think the time has come for us to look and to admit that there are 60 schools to 70 schools that are different than everybody else.

    15 years ago I was the athletic director at Texas State, an FCS, I-AA football program. Their aspirations always were to be Division I Division I-A. Now, I was there. I'm living this. Texas is right down the road. I'm living in a stadium of 95,000 people at that time. Now it's over 100,000. I'm thinking, "It is so much different at Texas than it is at Texas State. Why should we even imagine that we should be Division I-A?" The answer generally that you'll see is that we want to associate with I-A so we can look like them. We can get the afterglow effect, the ability to be able to be touched by it. So when you saw that happen and when you saw Louisiana-Monroe saying, "This is what we need to do," when you saw Arkansas State saying, "This is what we need to do" and you saw UT-San Antonio. And again, that's not to offend them. That's just the reality of that.

    There couldn't be anything more different than night and day between Texas State and the University of Texas. There's nothing.

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    So he's a 4X16 guy? Or 3X16+1X20?

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    It's all just internet rumors. Nobody in charge has been considering this. And yes, I know the ADs won't cast the votes on this. However, MOST of them are right in the middle of these talks. The ACC has an expansion committee that specifically includes ADs, even though they don't actually cast the vote. And I've read that WVU's AD nearly single handedly got them into the Big12. He was relentless in his attempts to find them a major conference home, I heard him doing so on the radio myself.
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