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    Quote Originally Posted by HOO86 View Post
    I think it is exciting to see Tulane restore an on-campus football stadium. It's only for 6-7 days out of the year that these neighbors have to be inconvenienced. Some people don't need much of an excuse to complain.

    Since we've discussed Tulane a little bit here, I thought some of you might be interested in their on-campus stadium project.

    you're dam* right - whiny audobon boulevard NIMBYS have been trying to blockade this for years.

    fortunately they lost out.. and they're in the minority. but they did win as many consessions as humanly possible. size of grandstand, parking, etc (good luck trying to park in front of your home if you're OUTSIDE the proposed "halo" around the stadium where it's prohibited... classic "make it someone else's problem" solution")

    that said - this is huge for tulane. those of you haven't been to NOLA in a while might be shocked what's going on down here. this city is absolutely booming. great place to live.

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    Yep. The part and ride is a bad approach, but then again, we do that from the commuter lot. In Boston, there is plenty of mass transit around. The T is the way to go. There is a great bar at the Cleveland Circle stop, then a nice walk around a small lake to the stadium. Beats tailgating, IMO. And you can't get arrested for drunk driving afterwards.

    And I believe there are bars and T stops along Commonwealth Ave which runs through BC's campus. The way to visit Boston is to fly there and never get a car anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by hokiebob01 View Post
    Where would you suggest they let you park? They are in an urban neighborhood. There is nowhere for ball game fans to park. It is not like the VT Campus with acres and acres of available space.

    At the suggestion of a friend from Boston, we rode the BMT Train to and from and didn't worry about it. Worked like a champ.

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