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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Jessup View Post
    Can't disagree with that response. But that approach is few and far between in WVU land. The collective inferiority complex that WVU fans have will never allow for such a thing. I will admit some of that does exist in VT land but in fewer numbers and to a lesser degree (e.g., fewer death threats). I think Clay didn't even need to go after the state as much as he did when there is plenty WVU-specific material to present. I have family from West Virginia and I am ashamed that WVU is largely associated with the state.
    I changed my thinking of WVU when Nehlen left. Somewhere after that and YES the ACC taking VT the EAR fan's because obcessed! Yes they were a scared fanbase. Still some of antics they did when VT went to Motown was uncalled for. If that happens at VT I hope our fan's and police take care of matter quickly. Can Ollie Luck bring back some respect to WVU? He can only try I suppose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamburger View Post
    They should be happy they found 7 dumber than them.
    That's what I want to see. Who heads the list?
    I see Tennessee and Dallas Cowboys and #9 and #10. Are just three published so far?

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    If you accused me of being behind the JFK assassination, I wouldn't care. It's

    obviously nonsense, and I'd just laugh it off. However, if you accused me of a much lesser offense or characteristic, something that, deep down, I knew was true, THAT would get me defensive. Sounds like what happened with the Eers.

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    What's hilarious to me is that the guy attempts to insult the intelligence of the state by saying Walmart is the largest employer. Guess what...he's right. Apparently he himself is ignorant to the fact that Walmart is the UNITED STATES largest private employer. I despise WVU as a university but this guy is just making himself look ignorant. Don't be surprised if he decides to put VT in his countdown somewhere.

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    It's a Clay Travis article.

    He thinks he's smarter than everyone on earth, and he jumps on bandwagons left and right. He sticks on James Franklin's junk, but as soon as Franklin leaves Vanderbilt you're going to see him say he wasn't a good fit, wasn't that great, etc..

    Clay Travis is a ghetto Finebaum/Cowherd combination that doesn't deserve any hits whatsoever.

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    Have to say this just made me uncomfortable. It is like when you are in a group of people or friends and one is picking on the other and at first it is funny but starts to get too far and you as a bystander/part of the group start to get uncomfortable.

    As a Southwest Virginia native, I honestly have heard the same stereotypes from time to time from people here in Maryland.

    Travis only hit a few items about the actual fan base and mostly hit on general hateful stereotypes of the entire state. Burning of couches is a true and a fun jab at WVU fans, but the idea of taking burnt couches to their singlewide for a decade of use is just an over reaching attempt at whatever he was trying to do. As I said i've seen some of those stereotypes before in regards to my hometown and frankly I feel like I want to comment in defense for....wait for it....the WVU fan.

    I totally hate the WVU fanbase, but it is my hate and it stems from over the top actions based on their own pride and loyalty. I can actually respect the deep pride, loyalty, and fight that they have but it is unfortunate that common sense does not come in to play. As a VT fan for life, I can see the desire to go to all lengths but I know where the line is and the ledge not to jump off of.

    I did like the meme on the response article listed in the above TSL comment with the Willy Wonka saying tell me more about the sports blog that offended you. That's where you step back and realize it isn't worth it.

    The internet sure is fun isn't it????

    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Jessup View Post
    WVU's delusions regarding conference realignment called out at the beginning of the article.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HokiePoq View Post
    That's what I want to see. Who heads the list?
    I see Tennessee and Dallas Cowboys and #9 and #10. Are just three published so far?
    No, #7 was published last week....Oakland Raiders.
    No trees were harmed in the making of this post. However, billions of electrons were horribly inconvenienced.

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