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More rebuttal.

ESPN is the undisputed leader in sports broadcasting. They started and are perpetuating the 24/7, 365 day programming they provide on multiple dedicated channels. They already owned both SEC and ACC programming rights untill the SEC repurchased them. If an SEC or ACC dedicated channel was such a slam dunk, why didn't they roll it out several years ago when they owned 100% of the rights ?

As stated elsewhere it is hard to provide interesting content continually 365 days a year. The college game by definition has 1/3 of the year dead with no competition of any kind. Yeah , I'm game for some Hokie reruns if we won but not that bored or in need of reruns of any other teams be it ACC, SEC or whomever. I suspect I'm not alone and without interesting live competition and I don't count poker, chainsaw/lumber jack or strongman filler in that category, no one is watching the channel. Like any other show if it isn't being viewed it won't survive.

I suspect the Big 10, fat revenue now will get seriously pared down. The current Time-Warner cable vs CBS feud out in California is the tip of the iceberg to totally go ala cart viewing and thus paying. Once that happens a lot of that automatic money will disappear.
I think the tier 3 stuff wasn't thrown in until 2011, or so. It's been said the SEC has been working since 2009 or so to roll out a network. Amyhow, in 07 I fully understand the apathy toward an ACCNetwork, but not in 2011. I don't know why the SEC waited in 07