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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckd4vt View Post
    Couple of questions for ya. According to your sources, how serious was UVA considering the B1G thing? I've heard some of the folks w/ B1G connections that are now serving and "the University" had them really close to jumping. And what is this Texas - ND connection Dodds is so concerned with. I can't think of two more unrelated schools. Is it that Dodds wants a ND type of national profile? I think they may have learned by their football struggles recently that it is simply not going to happen. The next contenders for that would probably be teams like USC or Miami in their respective heydays.
    Nothing I have seen or heard from everyone I've talked to say anything but UVA was approached by the Big Ten and said "Thanks for the offer, but not interested unless the ACC splits apart." The Athletic Department did not want the Big Ten Conference. The President was busy with other issues, and there wasn't much push for the Big Ten in the Administration. Craig Littlepage insists that there was never any interest. No non disclosures signed. No paperwork submitted. He insists that all of the Dude of WV's rumors are false. He actually still doesn't understand what Maryland is thinking. He doesn't talk about Rutgers. He used to coach basketball at Rutgers too.

    DeLoss Dodds was on a personal mission to get Notre Dame into the Big XII with the same type of deal that Notre Dame has with the ACC. He is friends with Jack Swarbrick, and he's been public about his interest in association with Notre Dame. He looked at the ACC as a possible Texas home before the ACC had affiliation with Notre Dame. Now that the ACC has that affiliation, my speculation is that it will increase his view of the ACC. Nothing I've heard him say publicly says that he wants to leave the Big XII though.

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    Yes - the B1G was certain that they had GT lined up. Not sure what transpired to make that not happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IV_Hokie12 View Post
    As big of a prize as Texas is, isn't it kind of like marrying the hot girl who killed her previous two husbands?
    Good point. Crazy as a loon, unfortunately they may just be too freaking hot to pass up.

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