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I think Navy actually helps with Notre Dame just as much outside the ACC as within. What Notre Dame wants is to be able to play football games in all of the major media markets around the country. That's why they say that the don't want to be in a regional conference. They are a national brand. Well Navy is too, and Navy will agree to play them in non-conference games anywhere. They even went to Ireland with Notre Dame last year. Navy would not be able to do that if they were in the ACC. The ACC added the rule that you have to play your home games in your hometown after Maryland and Wake Forest started selling their home FSU games to Jacksonville in the 90s. So Notre Dame could use the Navy game to play in Dallas or Philadelphia or Chicago or Denver or Washington, DC, etc.
define "home town"...we were set to play umd in Baltimore next year had they not bailed the league. i know it's only ~30 miles, but Baltimore isn't College Park.