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    Welcome to Denver Erick! - Hokies/Nuggets fan in Denver

    We need that 3pt shooting bad!

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    Green has a great shot to make the Denver team if they do not pick up another guard in free agency. However, he is going to have to prove himself immediately as the NBA really has become a point guard driven league. Ty Lawson has improved tremendously since he was drafted and is one of the top guards in the west. Andre Miller looked like he was 25 years old in the playoffs, but lets see him keep it up for an entire year without getting hurt. Even if Green doesn't make the Denver team, he will have a chance to prove himself in the Developmental league. I really like his chances to make an NBA team and get a shot.

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    I hope the nuggets play the blazers on 4/20

    And Green goes on fire. Puns intended. I also wish Eric the best career and will be rooting for him hard.

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    We need that 3pt shooting bad!

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