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    Interesting take on Kansas' sale of Tier 3 rights to ESPN....

    Schools tore up the conference landscape for the past three years because of cable television. Thirty years ago, that would have seemed laughable. Remember the yawn over a web deal? In 1983, announcing an exclusive cable deal would have drawn much the same reaction. Now, college football's title game and Monday Night Football are on cable. Technology has moved even faster in the smartphone age. What seemed impossible five years ago is quite possible today. So when these current conference media rights deals expire in the 2020s, new bidders such as Google, Apple or Netflix could send everyone scrambling again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freddyburg Hokie View Post
    all i read was a lot of "maybe" and "what if" and "it's possible" and "i think" here is my "i think"...

    i don't think streaming will replace cable/satellite any time soon. hell, too many current Satellite subscribers don't even have good enough broadband for reliable streaming. i think the short term end game (~10 years) will be a melding of the 2 with more customization available to the consumer (though i won't call it "a la carte"). why can't my FiOS box have an ESPN3 channel so i don't have to hook up a 2nd device or change my TV input to access it? why can't my FiOS box access Netflix and Amazon Prime and hulu, etc? because they don't want you to...TODAY.

    with more people accessing these apps through Smart TVs, Rokus, Gaming systems Blu Ray players, etc, cable companies do need to wake up and stop fighting it. give me one box that allows me to access all that great streaming content along with my broadcast/cable content, and you have a happy customer. i'm willing to pay for some of these conveniences much like i pay for HBO or Showtime, so find the model that fits the cable company's bottom line along with the content providers and let's move on.

    Streaming devices and channels are in their infancy, and some are really good, but owning multiple devices and/or managing multiple subscriptions to get enough good content isn't consumer friendly. we like bundles. we like 1 bill. we like simplicity. the cable box still seems like the best way to get everything together under 1 roof. how great would it be if i could just "tune" to ESPN3 from my couch while watching FoxSports1 on cable as if i were tuning to ESPN? how great would it be to access Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime on my TV the same way i currently access FiOS OnDemand?

    FiOS hasn't even made RedBoxInstant available on FiOS boxes yet (and it's Verizon's service!), so they are clearly not thinking like me today, but i honestly believe that this is where it needs to go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freddyburg Hokie View Post
    The BIG question is, how much is KU making off the deal?

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