Pep Band was great at finding the right buttons to push. My favorite skit was when they did a tribute (at CP) to past Maryland governors. The drum major came out in a black/white striped convict outfit carrying a ball & chain. UMD was not amused and I believe they were banned after that.

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I go back and forth regarding WVU and the ACC. Part of me says never look at them because of the fan behavior, and part of me looks at them as strong passion for college athletics and wants them. If you remember we at UVA had a Pep Band instead of a marching band, and it was West Virginia that got so offended by the lampooning of West Virginia jokes that led to the demise of our pep band. What the pep band was doing doesn't work in the days of political correctness. All the other schools that UVA played regularly like VT and the ACC schools were used to the pep band's jokes and pretty much ignored them, but WVU got their panties in a tangle.

With Louisville coming into the ACC, that makes WVU's academics acceptable. I want them for the passion that the state has for college athletics. They will have to clean up the vandalism that goes on, but we're losing Maryland who has it too.