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    And it's a very generic statement, but...

    Quote Originally Posted by HOO86 View Post
    Of the 2 Big Ten schools that happen to be in the Top 45, Michigan is the only one that is a massive public school like what you're talking about. The other is Northwestern, which is private and smaller. The only other conference with a collection of highly ranked schools like the ACC is the Ivy League, and all of them are private.

    I'll agree with you that the Big Ten has the an impressive collection of public universities academically, but the ACC on average is ranked higher and much higher in the top 8. The size of the Big Ten schools, the size of their alumni base, and the size of their stadiums are some of the largest. There are fewer Universities in the midwest than in the East. The ones East tend to be more plentiful and smaller. That's just the nature of the way higher education has developed in the US.
    I think Michigan may be overrated too. UNC seems to fit that category as well. I think the difference between #25/30 and #90/100 in the USNWR rankings isn't really that much different. In other words, I think Michigan State is every bit as good as Michigan academically, but those 2 are separated by 43 spots. I actually find the MSU grads more intelligent than the UM grads... but maybe that's just the field I'm in.

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    Oh no you didn't----I can hear Madea yelling " OOOOOOOHH H E double L NO from his/her offices outside Atlanta.

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    Pac12 has zero interest in any of those teams. They only want Texas, and whoever they need to take within reason in order to get them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Calamitous View Post
    Very true. The B1G should have added Mizzou, Kansas, Iowa State and Rutgers to make PSU happy. That seems more natural than adding UMD, UVa and UNC. I sometimes wonder if UMD would still be in the ACC if Swofford hadn't gotten so greedy with ND.

    I wished that UMD hadn't left, because the ACC could have added Pitt, SU, UConn and WVU. Even though WVU doesn't match the ACC's academic profile, they are at least the same as UL, but with a good rivalry with Pitt, UMD and even Tech at a point in history. This would have truly been an "Atlantic Coast" conference even if WVU doesn't touch the Atlantic Ocean. Better than justifying ND and Louisville as Atlantic Coast schools.

    The SEC could have added aTm, Texas (if aTm and Texas could ever get along), Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. All of those schools seem like natural fits to the SEC except for maybe the giant inflated head known as Texas.

    The PAC could have added Texas Tech, Kansas State, BYU and either Boise State/TCU/Baylor. The problem with the PAC is that there just aren't too many schools to choose from and travel becomes a big issue (i.e. Texas Tech on an island)

    But markets are what seemingly matters to most of these guys except for the SEC... and the SEC is the most successful IMHO. A look into the future and the B1G and ACC may have made a mistake. We'll see in time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maroon Baboon View Post
    Pac12 has zero interest in any of those teams. They only want Texas, and whoever they need to take within reason in order to get them.
    Sounds like the ACC's desire to bring scUM into the fold.
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