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Thread: ACC Travel

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    I think adding UToronto would be cool. Big market too.
    Quote Originally Posted by Old Line Hokie View Post
    If the ACC added Cincinnati, the geographic center would move to an area between Richardson and Sylvatus in Carroll County.

    If UConn was added as the 16th member, the center would be just north of Callaway (Logan-Holland Cemetery) in Franklin County.

    If Texas was to become the 16th member, the geographic center would be about 15 miles north of Boone, NC.

    If the ACC added the University of Toronto Varsity Blues, the geographic center would be near Christiansburg. That's about as center as Blacksburg is going to get.

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    SUNY Buffalo places the center between Riner and Christiansburg

    Quote Originally Posted by Old Line Hokie View Post
    Pretty cool. I changed Miami to Coral Gables, FL. Geographically, Tech is about 3 or 4 miles closer to the ACC geographic center (Laurel Fork, VA) than Wake Forest. Maybe the ACC can move headquarters to Fancy Gap and Frank Beamer can be the new commissioner?

    The Bulls are ranked the same as NCSU in the USNWR and probably have as good of a football team

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