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    Quote Originally Posted by lawhokie View Post
    And, if you happen to occasionally rub elbows with the upper giving levels, you'll know that many high level donors want nothing to do with WVU. The most common complaint is that donors want to bring their families to games. The younger members of Hokie Club - i.e. the future - are the ones that don't care much about WVU, don't see the point in a grudge match with a school in a tiny state, to tailgate with less than pleasant opponents, to play a game that would benefit WVU more than VT. We have so many better options for neutral site games, why press for a matchup that will piss off your money men?

    If it were good business Weaver would have made it happen.
    After the last game where so much stuff was thrown at the players on the sidelines, I don't think Beamer wants to play them again.

    I'd be up for playing them if it meant dropping the FCS schools off the schedule, but I'd rather play OSU, Michigan, Wisconsin, etc, than WVU anyday.

    Playing them has more upside for us than for them - why help them recruit the east? Notice that Pitt isn't falling all over themselves to play them either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SECJesse View Post
    There are lots of fans who would LOVE to play WVU again.
    Yep, all of the fans who enjoy getting hit in the head with batteries & empty liquor bottles.
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