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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Coleman View Post
    Jim just doesn't understand the internet. When VT made the move to ban "Hokie" from websites, he actually told a TSL Subscriber at a Hokie Club event that he thought it would force Hokie Central to shut down. He literally did not understand that a website could just change it's name, haha.
    Haha what a tool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwtcr hokie View Post
    why do you say that, if you don't want to go to UWS then ya don't have to, its not even easy to get to. it is fun at times esp. when we are in this wonderful time of year called the dead summer
    I'm with you on this one ... well, except I don't find it entertaining at any time much anymore. same ole same ole... still, free expression should be appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbsolutHokie04 View Post
    Threaded view is a skin on top of vBulletin. When someone responds on a mobile device, it doesn't play nicely with the Threaded skin, and puts the response under the main post.

    Yet another reason to eliminate the Threaded view.
    I can live with that. Eliminate the threaded view and I'm gonzo

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    One of your better rambles in a while, though. A peek into your thought process is not a bad thing. And it makes a whole lot of sense.

    Quote Originally Posted by Will Stewart View Post
    "Inside info" is not a long-term, viable business proposition.

    If it's Chris and I providing the inside information, then we are muzzled, because the instant we leak the wrong info, we are cut off. And we're not interested in being used as a mouthpiece (like Chip Brown at OrangeBloods) for what others want the public to know, while they withhold the rest.

    If it's someone else providing the inside information, that comes with all sorts of problems of its own. As I have noted repeatedly, when HokieJeff, TCB, and others were providing inside information on these boards back in the early-mid 2000s, one of them started telling me how to run the site, who to deactivate, what posts to delete, etc. As you can imagine, that didn't sit well with me, and I didn't co-operate, so that group of insiders got the idea to start their own site, where they could control things, and was born. It flamed out, and those insiders moved over to Brian Mohr's Rivals site. That flamed out (Brian got out-and-out fired for it.) Now the inside info comes from the 247 site. It's a dangerous game, and I don't want to play it, because this site is my life. It's not a hobby. It's my life. And Chris's life, and Chris Horne's life. I'm not going to put our fate in the hands of others.

    CC and I know lots of inside info, but frankly, the large majority of it is not complimentary to coaches, athletes, and admins, and it wouldn't serve any positive purpose to talk about it. We know which athletes have been arrested or have been seen around town drinking or getting high, and we know which ones are dumb as rocks and will never be productive members of their teams, and we know which ones are transferring out because their personal lives are a wreck or their parents are crazy. None of that needs to be discussed in a public forum. It only damages the kids, and it all comes out in the wash eventually.

    Man, this topic makes me ramble. I'll quit now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anOldHokie View Post
    I can live with that. Eliminate the threaded view and I'm gonzo
    #49 anOldHokie 28,641
    #50 BG Hokie 28,563
    #51 Freddyburg Hokie 28,346

    That will just help me get into the Top 50 more quickly, and trust me, you don't want that!

    No trees were harmed in the making of this post. However, billions of electrons were horribly inconvenienced.

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    If only someone, anyone had the fortitude to answer your question

    Quote Originally Posted by Will Stewart View Post
    What thing bugs you the most about TSL -- whether it's something we do, something your fellow posters do, a feature the site has or doesn't have, etc. -- that would make you like TSL better if we got rid of it, or quit doing it? ... or maybe added it (in the case of something we don't do).


    If it involves something that you would rather not put here on the board, just email us at
    Heard from anyone yet? Probably emailed you, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VT73 View Post

    Heard from anyone yet? Probably emailed you, right?
    Huh? I've gotten a ton of answers right here.

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