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    Quote Originally Posted by Freddyburg Hokie View Post
    In a North/South divisional split, thinking non-parochially, I would put Miami and VT in the North, and put UNC and Duke in the South. It's back where we came from (Big East), but that's really the only way to do it.
    it's one way, but why is it the only way? no key rivalries were lost the way i did it. if ESPN is driving this to maximize good football games, my way does a better job. maybe unc, uva, etc would enjoy the "easier" path to Charlotte to play the south champ every December?

    i'm not saying your suggestion can't happen, i'm just saying there are other ways it could happen...
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    3 MegaConferences (18-22 teams) or 7 round-robin traditional conferences (8-11 teams) is the way to go.

    MegaConferences would have divisions with no crossovers. Would make for great championship games. 3 auto bids. 1 at-large (from the best indy, non-AQ champ, OR AQ conference runner-up)

    Or 7 smaller conferences. Bring back the:

    Big East (add Penn State, bring back Miami, VT, Syracuse, et al)
    Big 8 (bring back Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado, Mizzou, et al).
    SWC (Texas and Texas A&M back together, bring back Arkansas)
    And smaller ACC, B1G, Pac10, and SEC.
    All get auto bids for 8 team tourney with 1 at-large.

    Keeping an at-large is important to prevent the OOC from being a glorified NFL preseason.

    And this brings back the old rivalries that people want to see.
    Quote Originally Posted by Femoyer Hokie View Post
    16-20 team conferences. No (or few) cross division/pod games. This comes out to 7 (maybe 8) conference games and frees up FSU/ND and the rest of us to schedule 5 non-conference games. That's what makes them (and TV) happy. Win your division and you advance in the playoff even if you lose all your out of conference games so feel free to schedule a heavyweight out of conference schedule. Automatic out of conference wins won't help you any more. But ND needs to join the conference to make this work from everyone's perspective. And with 5 conferences this doesn't work without 3 additional wildcard teams which I think they are trying to avoid. So, I think they are trying to come to an agreement on which Big 12 teams go to which conferences which is why Stech keeps saying realignment isn't finished and the Presidents still have a big role to play. And it won't be just about football strength. Fire away!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 133193Hokie View Post
    So..., it has been "delivered" but not announced? Is that the way to read it at this point?
    It's a decision point in a logic know, one of those diamond shaped thingys.

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