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    Quote Originally Posted by tennesseevol View Post
    ....The B1G and SEC would never let another school take advantage of their conference for scheduling sake so they can remain independent.
    I mostly agree with that. The SEC would NEVER fold to a school like ND. I doubt the PAC would either, although ND is not geographically relevant to this topic. But if the B1G knew what the ACC were up to last fall, I'm not so sure Delaney wouldn't have made some concessions to ND. I think this is transparently evident by the B1G's recent animosity towards Swofford; with all the rumors that they're going to dismantle the ACC.

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    Of those options, I think C is the most likely to happen. I would not be surprised if the B1G comes calling in Tallahassee. I know there is the AAU thing, but I think the B1G might work around that. Wouldn't be surprised if the B1G goes after GT and FSU at the same time.

    A & B would likely happen together anyway. UNC and UVa will go (or stay) together for sure.

    And FWIW, I don't think anyone is going to the BigXII, at least until after the ACC is picked through by the B1G and the SEC.
    Quote Originally Posted by hokieball View Post
    What would it take for that to precipitate?

    A) UVA leaving
    B) UNC leaving
    C) FSU leaving
    D) All of the above
    E) None of the above
    F) Some combination of A, B, and C
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    Quote Originally Posted by seekoHoG View Post
    IMO, I do not think this is the case at all. IMO, the ACC would be more than willing to work out a deal that would allow the Irish to keep the media rights to their home football games while giving the ACC Network/ESPN TV rights to games at ACC stadiums. I would suspect that in that scenario, the ACC payout to ND would be adjusted based on the ratio of home/away conference games. I still believe ND joins the ACC in full if Conference Championship becomes a significant portion of the National Championship selection process.
    John Swofford has stated this before when asked. He indicated that it could be worked out for Notre Dame to keep their NBC rights for home games and the ACC get the road games. He said that the ND payout from NBC wasn't that far off from an ACC team's payout in the ACC contract. The ACC knew Notre Dame was close to renewing the NBC contract before ever offering ND membership. This is not a surprise at all to the ACC.

    As for Notre Dame joining, they aren't going to do anything differently than what's already agreed to for at least 2 cycles of the ACC schedule. That's 6 years minimum. What the ACC can work on with Notre Dame is moving the commitment from 5 gamss per year to 6. That could be a next step.

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