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I guess I just don't see what the rush is.

Worst case scenario, absolute worst - is that Weaver is here for 2.5 more years. It actually kind of works out. New AD, and JJ will be in the middle of his 4th season. We'll know what we have with JJ at that point, and there will be no mistake of it. One of the new AD's first decisions is going to have to be to retain or replace the Men's Basketball coach. It's times out really well.

What would replacing Weaver right now accomplish exactly? Getting a new AD would fire the coach and start over again? Isn't that a little too much upheaval for an already struggling program? Even if you get someone in here tomorrow and they get a new MBB coach in here the next day, you're really not going to know if that's going to work out for 2.5 more years anyway - and you're likely doing more harm by losing another year.

Unless his health gets much worse over the next 2.5 years, I don't see Weaver abdicating his role as AD. I *certainly* don't want him hiring another coach. Trying to replace the AD and then the MBB in rapid succession doesn't seem like it's going to accelerate the timeline that much anyway, so what would the point be.

Assuming he would have stayed for the entire tenure, which isn't certain, the preferable scenario would have been the one where SG played out his string with that last "big class" he was slated to bring in. That timing would have worked out well through JW's tenure much like JJ's is. At that point we would have had a rock solid understanding of this program under SG and the new AD's first job would have been to either try to retain or replace SG.

I think my point is that it's all kind of working out in the same way no matter what. As far as MBB is concerned we were going to be at a "tipping point" after that 2015-2016 season anyway. Making any major moves now wouldn't really impact that, certainly not positively.
I agree completely.